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About Certified Movie Maniac (CMM)

About CMM..
This is a blog about movies, yes movies. Movies that CMM had watched.
What to expect about this blog? An honest point of view of the movie.
What is a movie? but a part of everyone's leisure and entertainment.
You would wonder if that movie is great ?
Well I'll tell you what I think and its up to you if you are
willing to spend  bucks and an hour and a half watching it.
and If you agree or disagree of what I think you can post your comment.

About the movies..
There is no limit about the type of movies that a CMM would watch.
Action,Drama,Comedy,Reality TV,Sci-fi and Indi films.
As long as CMM heard about it, will search it and say something about it.

About the Reviews..
CMM is not a professional critic and does not offer expert review but a movie lover's review.
Reviews will be kept short and direct as much as possible discussing what is observed by CMM
and leaving the rest for other movie goers to decide..